WiFi Installation & Management

The world around us is going wireless and Bluelight Technologies can get your office and devices securely connected.

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A wireless (WiFi) network is no longer just a convenience. It is now a necessity for many homes and businesses.

One-Stop WiFi Installation

In our increasingly digital society, almost every home and business is now equipped with some sort of technology network. That notion can be a little intimidating, especially for someone who might not feel tech-savvy. Bluelight will help make sure you get a safe, secure, and reliable network in either your home or business. 

Our WiFi Process

WiFi Installation For Businesses

Setting up a wireless infrastructure in a commercial building is more complicated than setting up a wifi router in a home. In a fast-paced corporate environment, a well-implemented wifi installation service is essential since poor installation can result in serious connectivity issues, which can cost the firm money. The Network Installers have extensive wireless internet installation training and years of experience. We understand communication infrastructure and can assist you in setting up a secure wifi network.

The wireless connectivity setup will be done throughout the facility for easy access. By leveraging a robust wifi installation, you will keep your business connected to clients and customers. Choose the correct network communication service provider. The Network Installers offers unparalleled service when it comes to commercial wifi installation. Being backed by a team of qualified and proficient engineers, you can expect wifi installation to be done effectively, quickly, and diligently. We treat our clients like our partners.


WiFi Planning and Consulting

Before we install the wifi, we'll send a skilled team to your location to do a thorough site evaluation. Your area will be analyzed and reviewed during the site inspection to determine how wifi installation should be carried out.


WiFi Design

Our designers will engineer wireless infrastructure to match the unique requirements of your facility. We strive to provide the finest level of service possible so that you can experience seamless wireless connectivity across the facility.

Network Cabling Installation

WiFi Installation

Our technicians will install the wifi system for seamless network communication when the evaluation and design procedure are completed. The Network Installers are dedicated to providing you with dependable service.

Scalable Wi-Fi

With wireless 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, there are a limited number of channels to work with. Bluelight Technologies designs a custom WiFi network solution in every building to provide cost effective, high performance low latency WiFi . Our team surveys, designs, and installs fast, high-performance WiFi networks for clients using Ubiquiti Site Survey.

Support for All Your Devices

As additional IoT (Internet of Things) devices enter our homes, the demand on WiFi networks increases significantly. Smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, surveillance systems and more are all demanding bandwidth from our networks, so it’s crucial to install a WiFi network that can support the demands of all of your devices with increased speed, security and connections.

Increased Security

Ensure your network and personal information is secure with a password-protected WiFi network. If not protected, potential cyber thieves could hack your connected devices to your detriment and their gain. Make sure you’re protecting yourself from unwanted attacks now with a professional installation and in the future with system monitoring from Bluelight Technologies.

WiFI Installation
Mesh WiFi Systems

Our Team Can Help

Let Us Take your Wi-Fi to the next level

Your Local WiFi Network Team

We can help you upgrade your WiFi network. From your initial consultation to designing the project to installation and monitoring, Our trusted team of network services specialists will walk alongside you every step of the way to a better WiFi Network.

If you’re ready to build a supportive backbone to your Tyler, TX home or business, call us today at (430) 562-9212 or use the Contact Us tab on the right side of your screen to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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