Security Camera Installation in Palestine, TX

Installing security cameras is a great way to protect your investments and property. Security camera systems can help discourage illegal activity, which will ultimately keep hurting the value of what you’ve worked so hard for. When making this decision, Bluelight Technologies should be one of your first choices as we specialize in security camera installation in Palestine, TX.  We ensure to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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Professional Palestine, TX Security Camera Installation

There are many things to consider when installing a security camera for your home or business in Palestine, TX. Our experts can help you every step of the way! From choosing right home security cameras for your needs, to security camera installation and training- we’ll be there with support at each stage in order make sure that nothing goes wrong or unnoticed. It is important not only to have professional and quality installations, but to also receive personalized service from those who know what they’re doing. We have provided security camera installations in Palestine, TX  for years. 

Advanced AI Security Cameras

We are confident that our high-tech Palestine security cameras will provide you with the peace of mind you need to make the best decision for your security. These cameras will provide you with the best possible security and allow you to monitor your home or business at all times. With our 2 year warranty and state-of-the-art technology human/vehicle detection cameras, you can be sure that you are making the best decision for your home or business.

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Our Top Rated Security Camera Installation in Palestine, TX

We know that you want to be assured of the highest quality service and products for your property. We have been helping clients protect their homes and businesses since 2016. Our superior workmanship has earned us gratitude from across East Texas communities.

It's not just about us; it is also a dedication toward ensuring peace-of mind while always going above any expectations or needs in order provide what best suits each client individually. Our clients can feel safe again knowing there are Palestine security camera professionals looking out after them no matter where life takes place.

We offer a range of Palestine security camera services including:

Where Should Home Security Cameras Be Installed?

There are several excellent interior and outdoor cameras available on the market today for both homeowners and businesses. Choosing the best location for the security cameras may prove to be the portion that is the most challenging. Our security camera installation in Palestine will provide you four suggestions on where to place your new security cameras.

Although it may seem like potential burglars constantly try to enter through the rear door or even side doors, statistics show that roughly 34% of break-ins occur at the front door. Additionally, it is extremely possible that parcel pirates will attack there. A fantastic line of defense at your front door is a security camera or video doorbell.

It will be easier to keep a watch on motorcycles, automobiles, or even grills with a camera aimed towards your garage or driveway. You might consider installing a camera at the gate at the end of your driveway if there is one.

A wonderful approach to keep a watch on the kids and babysitters is to install a camera in one of your common gathering places, such as the kitchen or living room. Consider giving ground-floor rooms with sizable windows first priority when installing new security cameras.

It will be very difficult for attackers to walk throughout a property undetected if a camera is installed in the main hallway or stairwell. Even if a burglar tries to enter your house through a bedroom or bathroom, they will still be seen on camera as they pass through the house.


What is The Best Type Security Camera For My Property?

We Will Work With You To Ensure The Best Security Camera Option

Installing a surveillance camera is not as simple or straightforward task. There are many options to choose from, and you need someone who understands your needs in order for it be done right! Our Palestine Security Camera Installation team can help by determining which security camera best fits what you're trying achieve around your home or business.

Choosing the Best Security Camera for Your Property: A Comprehensive Guide

Multisensor cameras

To carry up to 4 different camera sensors, use a single camera housing. Obtain coverage from 180, 270, and 360 degrees. All of this may be done over a single CAT5/6 cable, which reduces installation labor and equipment costs.
Choosing the Best Security Camera for Your Property: A Comprehensive Guide

Dome cameras

These dome security cameras can be used to both catch thieves and reassure customers. They're not obtrusive, making them perfect for smoothly operating in tight spaces with no visibility of what's going on inside.
Choosing the Best Security Camera for Your Property: A Comprehensive Guide

Bullet cameras

Bullet security cameras are typically wall or ceiling mounted and used indoors, and occasionally outdoors. It records images from one specific spot, with minimal movement detected in its field of view at any given time.
Choosing the Best Security Camera for Your Property: A Comprehensive Guide

Varifocal Cameras

This security camera is perfect for those who need to zoom in or out while maintaining focus on an image. The ability of being able break down what's happening will help you make better decisions and save time.
Choosing the Best Security Camera for Your Property: A Comprehensive Guide

Day or night cameras

Day or night security cameras are versatile enough to be used for any condition, from strong backlight conditions like sunlight and glare in an outdoor area all the way down through darker settings where they'll still provide good illumination.
Choosing the Best Security Camera for Your Property: A Comprehensive Guide

Infrared/night vision cameras

Infrared security cameras will give you 24/7 monitoring with night vision. They use IR LEDs, which allow viewing even when there is no lighting available! This may be ideal for facilities that need around the clock protection and observation on every angle of their property

The Benefits of Having a Security Camera System Installed

There are many benefits to having security cameras installed in and around your home or business. Security cameras help to deter crime by providing a visible presence that can help to dissuade potential criminals from targeting your property. In the event that a crime is committed, security cameras can provide invaluable evidence that can help to identify and apprehend the offender.

In addition, security cameras can help you to keep an eye on your property and belongings, providing peace of mind when you are away from home. And, in the event of an accident or other emergency, security footage can be used to reconstruct events and identify any issues that may need to be addressed. As you can see, security cameras offer a number of important benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for any property owner.

The Best Features Of Our Palestine Security cameras

We offer the most reliable security cameras in Palestine, TX. We have an amazing selection of HD video surveillance systems, and we're committed to making sure that you'll be happy with your purchase.

Starlight Night Vision

Many criminals prefer to operate at night, so it only makes sense to have security cameras that work at night as well. Our starlight cameras are security cameras that use image sensor technology to produce good quality color images in low light conditions.

Safe Storage

Our team of experts will help you choose the right security camera system for your business. We will also help you choose the right storage hard drive for your security footage. Our team can also help you with installation and training.This means you can be sure that everything is okay even if you can’t be there to protect your home.

Smart Motion Detection

Our Palestine Security Cameras use the latest in computer AI to differentiate between human and vehicle shapes, meaning that we send an alarm only when a human or vehicle is detected. Our systems are up to 95% accurate in filtering false alerts, meaning that you will not have to worry about unwanted alarms.

Smartphone App

View recordings and live video feeds, save video and still images, and receive video alerts wherever you go with mobile access on your smartphone.

Security Camera mobile app

Online Access

Enjoy all the same access and features as the app by logging into your security account from a computer or laptop.

See Home From Just About Anywhere

Knowing you can check in on your employees, or keep an eye out for deliveries from anywhere with just the tap of a button is really handy. You’ll never have to worry about missing something important again because it’s always within reach!

Our security camera apps are also mobile friendly. That means they work great regardless if someone has their phone next them while watching video feeds at home, or off on vacation across the world.

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Signs You Need A New Security Camera System

You may not know it, but you may need a new security camera system. Maybe your old one is just too outdated and doesn’t work as well anymore or maybe the footage has been lost due to an accident? Either way there’s plenty of signs that point towards this being necessary for protecting your property. 

Not all security cameras are made to survive outside. For instance, the sun frequently ruins inside security cameras that are placed outside because it might pass through the lens and harm your image sensor. Beware of warped video; ultimately the images will become black.

The majority of old cameras produce distorted and blurry video. The good news is that new technology is available to make your recordings easier to watch. Your systems will be more intelligent and the footage will be of greater quality if you replace your old cameras with new ones. Additionally, this will make it easier to integrate additional security measures like facial recognition and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). A resolution of at least 1080p and up to 4K Ultra HD should be present on the best security cameras.

This problem could be a sign of a number of other issues with the camera or network. A bad power source, bad wiring, broken hardware, and inappropriate setups are the main culprits. You can check all power connections, power splitters, and cable connectors to rule out connection issues before attempting to replace the system. To make sure the DVR/NVR port is powering the cameras, another alternative is to switch ports. If none of these remedies work, you can call our security camera installers to help or have your CCTV system replaced.

When you require outdoor surveillance cameras and reside in an area vulnerable to storms and other natural disasters, you must get robust devices. The security cameras may be damaged by any type of extreme weather or separated from their intended locations. As a result, it is a good idea to walk around and visually check your security cameras to see if there was any storm-related physical damage. Let's say you've found that your current setup isn't resistant to heavy rain and winds. If so, you'll need to spend money on systems that come with an extra security mount to protect your security cameras from bad weather and natural disasters.

Security Camera FAQs

Here we address some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to IP surveillance systems.

How much does it cost to install a home security camera system in Palestine, TX?

The average cost to install security cameras is $1,330, but the common range is $500 to $2,040, but there is a home security solution for every budget.

How long does it take to install security cameras?

It takes between 4 hours to 1.5 days to install depending on how many cameras you've ordered as well as the size of your building. A typical 4 camera system for a single story should take around 4-6 hours. It should take roughly the same amount of time for a standard office.

Do all security cameras need wifi?

Wi-Fi is not necessary for all home security cameras. LTE plans can be used instead of Wi-Fi by several cameras, including the Arlo Go and the Reolink Go. Other home security cameras don't even have a connection to the internet; instead, they record to local hard disks for storage.

Do security cameras record all the time?

The majority of home security cameras are motion-activated, which means that when they notice motion, they will start recording and inform you. Some people have the ability to continuously record video.

How many cameras do you need for home security?

For most homes, 3–4 cameras for the following locations are an excellent place to start: a doorbell camera to monitor the entrance and deliveries. For the front and back of the house, install 1-2 exterior cameras. a camera placed indoors to monitor children, pets, and valuables

Are outdoor security cameras worth it?

Data demonstrates that they significantly reduce crime and provide you with unparalleled peace of mind. Even if a burglary has occurred, these cameras give you the best chance of recovering your belongings. Home security camera systems are unquestionably worthwhile.

Our Palestine Security Camera Installation Team

Bluelight Technologies has built its reputation on providing high quality security camera and access control installations. We have assisted clients across Palestine with their residential or commercial surveillance systems. We ensure peace of mind at all times!

Our CCTV experts in Palestine are knowledgeable when it comes to helping you pick the right security system that will best fit your needs. We offer a wide range of security cameras and access control options for any project, no matter how big or small! Our expert security camera installation team can also provide advice on which pieces technology would be most beneficial in improving safety at your home or business.

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Professional Security Camera Installation In Palestine, TX

Ready to get started? Contact us today to get a 100% hassle-free quote for your home or business.

Call Bluelight Technologies when you’re prepared to begin installing security cameras on your home. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations by giving you access to high-quality surveillance and technology. Our Palestine security camera installation staff is capable of handling any assignment. We are willing to provide free estimates for any kind of network security cameras you require because we are aware that our price is among the best there is.